Gender Specific (Female) Knee Replacement

Gender1.jpgThe Zimmer Gender Solutions Knee is contoured to fit the unique shape and size of women's knees. It does this by matching a woman's shape and size with its 3 distinct differences: The Zimmer Gender Knee has a thinner profile than traditional knee replacements, it allows for more natural movement of the kneecap, and it has a shape specially contoured for women.

  1. Thinner Profile
    The bone in the front of a woman's knee is typically less prominent than in a man's. Traditional implants have a thickness in front that may end up making them feel "bulky," which may result in pain and a decrease in range of motion.1 The Zimmer Gender Knee has a thinner profile to accommodate this anatomical difference between men and women.
  2. Gender2.jpgMore Natural Movement
    The angle between the hip and the knee affects how the kneecap moves over the thighbone when the knee is in motion. Women have a distinct shape that frequently results in a different angle between the hip and the knee when compared to men. The Zimmer Gender Knee accounts for this difference, allowing for more natural movement.
  3. Contoured Shape
    The Zimmer Gender Knee has a contoured shape to more closely match the narrower anatomy of a woman's knee. This contouring provides for a more precise fit and may prevent the implant from overhanging the bone and potentially pressing on or damaging surrounding ligaments or tendons.